July 27th, 2020

I felt it necessary to let people know what is happening in the streets. A lot of information is circling that there is no end to the protests, and we will see the end of Trump come the election. But what you are seeing is a preplanned objective to unseat Trump. The democrats are the ones behind the protests. They have pushed these people onto the streets to create havoc to get people to change the election outcome to Biden. But what they don’t know is there is something sinister at play here.

What we have witness ever since Trump announced his presidency back in 2015 is the systematic and ruthless tactics of the Democratic party to stop Trump. Why? Because everything that is about Trump is less profit for Big Business, and they hate him. It is the elites of these corporations that have pushed the Democrats and to some degree the Republicans to do everything possible to stop Trump from becoming President and to unseat him. But they are just pawns to someone who has his own plans to make Trump King of Babylon.

So, the Democrats are actually walking into a trap. A very cleaver trap indeed. Now, much of what I will say is speculations, but I will go out on the limb because if I am right, it will end the democrats and liberal thought forever in this country. We will see this country sooner than I had anticipated flipping into the hands of Trump. It is very possible that there will not be an election, but again, this is speculation. But the reason I say this (and my father, S.R. Shearer, has said over and over in many of his articles) is that Trump must become King before the Tribulation starts. Why?

There are two reasons in this thought. First, when the antichrist attacks the Islamic armies advancing on Israel and the US in the Middle East, the people must be onboard in total support of his action. Can you imagine the outcry by the Democrats, or any liberal institute would do in today’s current political atmosphere if he dropped a bomb killing 200 million people? They surely would arrest Trump with half of the approval of the country – maybe even more. But when Trump is King of Babylon, who will challenge Trump then? No one.

The other reason why Trump must be King of Babylon before the Tribulation starts is to stand up against the two witnesses. It will be the Church in America that will stand up against the antichrist and become a true witness against the antichrist, Babylon and the false church, which makes the following verses in Matthew 10:17-18 become a reality. Because today, anyone can say bad things against the president or against the Church without being thrown in jail. But when Trump becomes king, then these verses will make sense.

“But beware of men: for they will deliver you up to the councils, and they will scourge you in their synagogues [Churches]; And ye shall be brought before governors and kings [antichrist] for my sake, for a testimony against them and the Gentiles.” Matthew 10:17-18

So, what do I think will happen? The trap is very cleaver as I said before. The Devil carefully put together a well thought out and tested plan through hundreds of years experiments, and then setting up key players that will be part of making the antichrist King of Babylon. Hitler was a successfully experiment but that was all he was to the Devil. His object has always been America. Now he has put the same plan into motion decades ago with certain key players like the Clintons and other big names that my father, S.R. Shearer, wrote about. Finally, the devil is bringing it together at last in the final act by making the antichrist King of Babylon. It is his masterpiece and soon the next play will start – the Tribulation. But how can we be sure anything has started? If you can’t see it, then you have chosen not to see it because any of the recent events that have occurred like Covid-19 to even the impeachment proceedings against Trump doesn’t seem strange to you, then you are truly blind.

The elites and the democrats have been using every kind of tactic against taking out Trump. Take for instance Covid-19, many will say that it was not man-made, but I question the timing of the Epidemic. My father wrote many articles like “THE DRUG EPIDEMIC, VIRUSES, EBOLA, AND AIDS” that talk about how the military has been creating biological weapons; furthermore, there are many articles on the web that have linked Covid 19 to the famous Fort Detrick that also created Aids and Ebola. People will deny this but can’t prove it wasn’t created by the military either. It is very strange how these major events are suddenly being played out towards the end of Trumps first term. But as I said before, something more sinister is at play here. The elites think they are controlling the outcome but it’s the Devil who is controlling the board.

So, what do I think is occurring, the Devil is pushing the elites and democrats against Trump harder and harder. Why? I believe he is pushing Trump into move that he will have no choice to take in order to bring rule and discipline back to the streets. The streets have become unsafe, and the poor people are trapped in these areas and are crying out for help, which the democrats refuse to help and even deny that poor black people need help. How can the mayor of Chicago keep refusing to help the people in her city? Because it is the hatred of the left to stop Trump from becoming president again. They figure if they can keep the cities in chaos people will vote against Trump in the next election, but they will fail – fail hard.

Because Trump is going to be pushed – very soon and possibly before the election – to declare martial law. This is the start of the trap but not the trap itself. The trap is declaring Trump unfit to be president and the democrats will try to have the president remove like a false arrest. But we know that the president has the right to declare martial law if certain situation arises where law and order are needed, and where cities and states can no longer contain lawlessness. But the democrats (elites) will use the opportunity to have the president removed from office and order him to be arrested. But it will backfire – big time.

Why? Remember what the democrats have been doing with their relationship with the police and also the military too, alienating it. They have been siding with the protesters to have the police defunded and, in some places, abolished. They are no longer the friends of the police or even the military. Liberals hatred for the police is felt in coffee shops refusing to serve the police to being spit on by protesters. But it will have a serious repercussion on the left. So, when the democrats ask to have the president removed, the law (police) will not comply but will turn on the democrats.

And what will the results be? The president will come out and declare that a certain number of democrats were in a plot to remove himself (the president) illegally – a coup. And he may even name the people in the plot. This will end the election and any further elections. Trump will become King declared by the people. And then Trump will start rounding up his enemies like Hitler did when he gained control over Germany. He will purge the country of all anti-Americans and Anti-Christians like Antifa. This is the devil’s trap – the perfect plan.

But this is all speculation. It’s very possible we could go to the election, but again, I believe the Democrats will lose in the election because they are never have been truthful with polls. We all saw the results of the last election and how off the polls were, so are we to believe the polls now are even close to being accurate? Anyway, I will stop here so you can think this through and meditate on.

Please keep a dear sister in your prayers, Mia, her mother passed away and is now with the Lord. But it’s very painful to lose anyone while in this world even if we know the person has gone to be with Lord. It was very hard for me to keep going when my father passed away. He is still with me every day, especially while writing these blogs or working on his articles.

Anyway, God bless you all,

Jack Shearer
Antipas Ministries

July 19th, 2020

I have been thinking a lot about the events that are unfolding in the US today and what it pertains to the end days. I know many Christians still refuse to believe we are in the last days because Trump is too good to be consider the anti-Christ, or he is too much of a dimwit to be crafty like the devil. Also, I know many Christians still believe that the end is way off in the distance but that only tells me they have their stock in this world. No, the events that are occurring now are screams from the Bible that "Yes we are in the end!!"

Christians who still deny that we are in the last days will still be in denial when the Tribulation starts or when a bomb drops on the Islamic armies attacking Israel and the US killing 4/5s of their armies but might wake up at the Abomination, and this is precisely what the thief in the night verses pertain to. It isn’t about Christ coming in secretly and stealing his saints away as proclaimed by the pre-Tribs. No, these verses are about those who are not ready and are shocked by realizing their failure to prepare themselves for the end. The verse is meant to convey a sense of shock - a deep sadness and anger. So, Christians who do not prepare will be shocked at certain events up to the return of Christ. What do I mean?

I know many Christians are saying that they will be ready when the Tribulation starts, but as my father, S.R. Shearer, had said over and over again in his articles, “Are you sure you are ready? If you don’t stand up now, what makes you think that you will stand when the End comes.”

I believe there will be a lot of Christians that are so blinded by their love for this country, they will miss most of the events of the last days. Some may end up receiving the mark and denying the devil has appeared [but very few]. I think the majority of Christians will see their mistake at the Abomination when the devil declares himself to be like God. Why would Christians not see what is occurring? Because they love this world or mainly this country more than God. They may say that it isn’t true, but if you can’t see that what is occurring today has to do with the End, then like my father would also say, “I have some swamp land in Florida to sell you.

Christians in love with this country

You have to step back and see the whole picture. Who is actually running or pulling the strings in both Democratic and Republican camps? The Devil. Everything that is occurring with Coronavirus, Trump, defunding the police, democrats going out into wacky land and so forth is part of the Devil’s plan. Why? The plan is to trap people especially Christians into his cage. I don’t have a view of the Devil's plan set before me, but I know from history how things are going to fall into place because it happened once before. Where?

It happened almost 80 to 90 years ago in Germany. My father, S.R. Shearer, wrote extensively on this in his articles about how the parallels of today coincided with 1930’s Germany. We only can read the major events of what happened in Germany, but there was a process that took time for people to turn on the communist party and liberals that were wreaking havoc in Berlin. We were not there to experience each day of how German people were watching their culture and history go up in smoke by the liberals. They too probably experienced the toppling of statues, and stripping away the history of Germany and anything to do with Christianity.

Hitler loved by the people but just a puppet of the Devil.

And now, it is occurring again. But this time the Devil is putting his plan into full action. The scary part of the events of what occurred in Germany with millions and millions of people perishing in death camps and in battle was just an experiment or test by the Devil. The Devil had no intentions of Hitler ruling the world. Hitler was just a test subject. He was the mouse in a maze. There were no what “ifs” with Hitler. He played his role for the Devil and was thrown away. The goal has always been America – Babylon. So, when Trump announced his run for presidency back in 2015, the Devil pushed the “start” button. This time it is for real. No more trial runs or experiments.

It’s crazy that so many people or actually liberals want to defund the police but who is actually pushing this idea or thought. Ever since Trump announce his presidency the Democrats have been trying to unseat Trump. Why? Because his plan to enrich the common folk is against the rich. It’s the rich or elites that has been pushing to take Trump down. The democrats are just pawns of the elites – foot soldiers. But what the elites don’t know is they are just part of a bigger plan – a very evil plan. I don’t know if there will be an election or not, but if we do have one, the democrats will be shocked again and more horrified than the 2016 election. Why?

Because again as they did with Hillary in the 2016 election, they are pushing false polls that Biden is ahead of Trump. The media and the left-wing will never stop lying about the polls. For instance, most people will think that the average black is for defunding the police but that is nonsense. The people who are pushing this narrative is white liberals and wealthy black liberals – blacks who live in gated communities or live outside of the poor neighborhoods. But if you go to the ghettos or poor neighborhoods, most blacks do not want to defund the police or even abolish them. They know if that happens crime will skyrocket and become very unsafe in their neighborhoods. People who push this narrative like AOC have their own securities like bodyguards or live in gated communities with private security – they do not have to worry about the police being defunded or abolished. But black people in the poor neighborhoods of New York, Boston, Washington DC, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and etc. will have to deal with rapes, robberies, assaults and murders at a much greater level. You think the Mayor of Portland or New York would ever live in these neighborhoods if they defund or abolish the police? No – and neither will the white liberals or wealthy black people.

Do people in Harlem really want to abolish the police?

If the election does come around, what I think will happen is that blacks in the poor neighborhoods of these big cities will vote for Trump or against the democrats. Why? Because the thought of the democrats taking control of their lives at the presidential level will scare them to death. I think the election will be a massive landslide against the democrats – even to the point that California could flip red. This is part of the Devil’s plan to push people into rallying behind Trump. Of course, the democrats will think Trump rigged the election and probably will have CNN and MSNBC report false accusations against Trump. But then the boil will start like it did in Germany [Yes, the boil has started but mainly with white conservatives. It will start to boil in the people (minorities) who voted for Trump or against the democrats in the upcoming election.]. People will start to grow a greater hatred against the Democrats. This hatred has to grow to the point where Trump can just take this country without much of a fight from the majority of the people in this country.

The trap is setup and the bait is set. What again is the bait? The bait is everything that is anti-American and anti-Christian. If you join in the causes to stop the liberals, you will fall into the trap. These causes, which in themselves can be good causes like anti-abortion, are part of the Devil’s trap. Again, who do you think started abortion? The Devil of course. Why? Most Christians will say because he is evil, as much as that is very true, he did it to trap Christians. If we start to fight the wars here in America like abortion, we will fall into the Devil’s trap. Again why? Because Christians will start to see that Trump can’t be the anti-Christ if he is against abortion. “How could he be?” Then the trap will close in on you and ensnare you. And when you realize the horrible mistake you made, it will be too late. Your house will be broken into – you will be shocked. When you realize your mistake, it probably will be at the Abomination, and instead of taking that famous stand you said you will take when the end comes, you will be caught naked and ashamed at Christ's return.

Christians trapped like a mouse

One last thing I wanted to add before I sign off, what’s going on may seem like it will never end. That the democrats will keep attacking and trying to bring Trump down. But this time is actually very short in the Devil’s plan. In the next phase of the Devil’s plan, which is key to deceiving many Christians, the Devil will push Trump to hero status and make many Christians fall away from the truth. The next phase will be more hard-pressed against the true Church of God and will dwarf these times. But I will talk more about that next time.

Also, if I didn’t write back to you yet, I have been busy with work, redoing the website and my mother. I will try to get to the emails sometime this week. If you emailed me to debate, I’m not very interested because it’s almost pointless. If you can’t see that we are in the end, then arguments are pointless. Plus, I don’t have the time to argue or debate with you. I’m pretty sure down the road the Lord will add new people or free up people who like to debate, but I don’t have the time. These blogs are to keep those Christians focused on the Lord and events of the End Days. For all my fellow brothers and sisters who wrote me with words of encouragement and prayers, thank you - it helps me to keep my mind and heart focus on God.

Thank you and God Bless you,

Jack Shearer
Antipas Ministries

June 29th, 2020

Going To Keep On Trucking (Blogging)

So after my last blog, I wasn’t sure if I should continue on writing, so I put up a survey to see how many people wanted me to keep writing or not. Well, I can say there was an overwhelming yes to keep writing. So the yes wins and I will keep on blogging. There were a lot of emails that were very helpful and encouraging to keep writing. But I may back off a bit on how much I should blog because of my other responsibilities I have that I should not neglect.

S.R. Shearer

One email in particular thought I should not take on such big task in writing every week but slow down a bit since I have a lot of responsibilities at home, with work and redoing the site. I felt the writer was right. There’s still a lot work to finish on the site and I have to keep working to finish the task that has been set before me. I’m hoping to finish most of the important articles and my father’s book by the election. The book should be completed within a month – maybe two. And there are tons of articles that need to be relink to the site like my father’s last articles he wrote before he fell ill that I need to find a place on the front page.

S.R. Shearer

There’s not a day that goes by that my mind is not on my father, S.R. Shearer. I miss him terribly. I know he would be very excited about what is occurring and somehow would be typing away on what is unfolding in the US. After he finished writing his article, he would yell at me to “get it out now – no time to lose.” I miss my father coming into my room and badgering me to get the article up now. And even though I wish he was still alive now; I know he’s in heaven looking down and watching everything I’m doing. I sometimes wonder if he’s right next to me whispering in my ears on what to write. I don’t know if that’s accurate or not, but he keeps me smiling and looking up to heaven wanting to go home to see him and our savior Jesus Christ.

Anyway, I wanted to write on something different this time. Something that needs to be made clear because I have heard in many circles within Christians groups such as the so call “scholars” that man’s world not the earth [I will talk about the origin of the earth later because it’s very deep and would take a lot of explaining.] is now taught to be 10000 years old and not 6000 years as spoken in the Word. Why is this important? Because it explains why we are near the end and not thinking “it might be another 100 years” as I have heard from other Christians.

Times and dates are very important to God and have a very deep meaning to them: for instance, the twelve apostles, two witnesses, 144,000, 666, and so forth as such. I’m not going to go into the meaning behind the other because it would take a lot of time to explain and I’m just interested in the meaning behind 6000. But many Christians who have now bought into the 10000 years is based on evidence seen within the scientific community. So, Christians have to adjust their belief to fit what the evidence is saying. But what if the evidence is flawed.

When most Christians read about Genesis, they pay little attention to the times and dates behind them. They tend to gloss over the “begats” and keep reading until the flood is over. But most Christians do not realize the important facts behind the pre-flood. Who were the people? How many people lived on the earth before the flood? Why did people live so long? And the famous quote by so many non-believers “where did Cain get his wife?”

First who were the people? White Europeans or Caucasians like to paint Adam and Eve as white people in the Garden of Eden. It’s in all the pictures and history of the Church. But what if I told you they are both wrong and right at the same time. How? Because there is another event that took place when God confused the language or created languages; He took man and split them up into the different races we know today: Africans, Asians, Caucasians, Indians, and so forth. Man was one race but split into many different races. [This is all speculations, but God probably didn’t mention this to test man’s heart.] Then he took the different races and dropped them in their respected areas around the world. Of course, I know many Christians will scream “that’s not true,” which only explains that they are racist if they continue to think Adam and Eve were white. You have to understand when God created man and woman’s world it was perfect in every way. Adam was perfect in every way, and Eve was the most beautiful woman in all the history of mankind. The world they lived in was perfect too.

It was like living in a utopia where the skies were sunny all the time – no bad weather. (Remember, that it didn’t rain until the flood occurred.) Also, the land mass was actually a little bigger than what we have now. If you take a look at the Globe below, you would see that there are many light areas or shallow areas around the land. Well, those areas were probably above the water in the pre-flood time, which would explain roads in the Caribbean on the sea floor, Pyramid like structures found underwater, and other things that cannot be explained being underwater. And within this utopia, man lived a long life. How?

And this is where I explain why 10000 years is probably only 5500 years old. Remember what I said that God leaves a lot out to test the heart of man. Will people believe in God and the Bible or believe in something entirely different because he has no faith in God’s word? So first let’s explain how scientists test the age of pretty much anything that contains carbon. They use a test called “carbon 14 dating,” where these carbons reside in plants and animals or people. And they compare the ratio of carbon 12 with carbon 14 to figure out the time of death and decay; however, this must be constant in every environment to be accurate. If the environment is different or carbon is found more abundant in the atmosphere, then the dating will be off. [“Radiocarbon Dating: A Closer Look At Its Main Flaws” written by Andrea Cohn February 7, 2013] The pre-flood atmosphere was extremely different because everything was decaying at a slower rate. Cain and Abel could have looked young but were probably almost a hundred years old. So, in reality, something that was aged by scientist at 10000 years could have actually only be 5000 years old. That’s why you need to trust the word and not totally in what the scientific community says as being set in stone.

Also, the other thing most people did not realize or care about when reading Genesis is the population of the world before the flood. I think most people thought it was like a few thousand if that, but if you take the population growth formula and apply it to the pre-flood world, the numbers are beyond belief – 6 to 8 billion people. I’ve seen numbers lower and some as high as 10 billion. But I believe the number was much smaller. Remember what I said, that the atmosphere they lived in was very different and decay was much slower. So the numbers were probably in the millions and not billions. But where did Cain get his wife?

Well, most people don’t read the Word closely. There is reason why God mentions the time of births. When Cain killed Abel, most people saw them as teenagers or even younger so only 15 or less years had transpired since Adam and Eve were expelled from Eden, but if you had paid attention to the time of births, it was more likely 100 years in. How? Because Seth was probably born not many years after the incident to replace Abel. And Seth was born when Adam was 130 years old. Yes, I hear some Christians saying we don’t know how long Adam and Eve were in the garden before they were expelled. No, true but Adam and Eve were expelled almost immediately after they sinned against God. And when that happened, time for Adam and Eve started – decay, which is a measurement of time, created an event in man called age. So about the year 100, there probably were a few thousand people and yes Cain probably married a sister, a niece or cousin, but there wasn’t a curse yet against man if they married inside the family.

So why is important for me to mention this all to everyone? Because our time or man’s world [also woman] is only 6000 years. The next thousand years is the millennial reign. This is the rest like in the 7th day of creation. The 6000 years were split up in two thousand-year segments, so the first 2000 years were chaos and re-order. It was to get man back on track from the mess it had created before the flood and little afterwards. And the next 2000-year segment was Israel, man was able to focus onto God once again – to establish the condition of man and the need for a savior. The last 2000 years is the Church - a personal relationship with God through Christ Jesus.

7th Day of Rest Or
Millennial Reign

So, when people thought when the year 2000 occurred and Christ was going to return, 2000 years hadn’t happened because the origin was actually off by 30 years. So instead, if we took the ascension of Christ being the origin, we would actually be in the year 1990 not 2020 (give or take 2 years). We are very close to the end, and if you can’t see in numbers [and no I’m not setting a date – I’m guessing about how close we are], then you can see how everything right now is falling apart and things just doesn’t make sense. Prophecies are being unfolded right now like the verse Matthew 7:24, “For nation (ethnos or race) shall rise against nation (ethnos or race) ...” Blacks are rising up against white people in this country.

Anyway, going to stop here because I’m getting tired. It’s actually taken me a few days to write this because of work, mother care and less sleep in the past week. Also, because my tooth still hurts but not as bad – your prayers have help diminish the pain. But keep praying for me. I hope to have my tooth pulled this Thursday.

Thank you again for your support and words of encouragement,

Jack Shearer
Antipas Ministries

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June 21, 2019

So I’m back at work after a short vacation. Last Monday, I was really tired and couldn’t work another night so I took some nights off; plus, one of my teeth was hurting me. I went in to see the Dentist and was told I would need to extract it, so I went in Friday expecting to have it pulled – it was my birthday (6/19) too and I had just turned 52. But it didn't happen.

When the dentist came into the room I was in at the dentist office, he asked me if I had my A1C on me (I'm diabetic) - it determines how well a diabetic is taking care of oneself. I looked at the dentist in total disbelief and told him no one in the office asked me to bring in a printout of my A1C. He told me that he couldn’t pull it unless I had one. I don’t know of any diabetic carrying their A1C results like an ID. I was disgusted by the dentist who was at the same time trying to sell me more procedures. I just wanted to leave because I was so irate.

Right now, I’m in the process of starting my new health insurance, so I can’t see getting into a dentist office for another month because I have to see my new PCP (Primary Care Physician) first and get a new A1C result. The only reason I mentioning this is because it’s going to be a bit harder for me to get blogs out weekly due to my uncomfortable and sometimes painful situation with my tooth – can’t seem to concentrate on what I am doing. But I would like to write on what we are witnessing today.

In the blog I wrote about what two possible outcomes with Covid 19 could be, one Trump creates zones or two the devil drops a vaccine in Trump's hands. This blog was written before the riots but still play a major role. How? What we are watching today is the slow process of the country flipping to dictatorship by Trump. What the devil is doing is creating a trap so sophisticated and brilliantly executed that many Christians will fall for, which then it's possible the devil could drop the vaccine into Trump’s hands sealing his devotion of those supporting him and causing more Christians to fall in love with him (Trump).

You have to step back and see that the devil is behind both sides. It was he who created the democrats we see today. They are the bait, which will cause many Christians to fall away from the truth. We may see more things occurr within the liberal camp before the elections because the Devil is stoking the fire – keeping it going. He is causing people to become more and more angry with democrats. He is also pushing Trump into a position where he has no choice but to declare martial law.

What could cause Trump into a position to declare martial law is the election itself. How? Because if Trump wins again, which I believe the devil will make sure of that, then the liberals and anti-Trumpers would go crazy, so much so, that it would cause riots on a larger scale than previous riots. It could cause people to take over more democratic cities like Los Angeles, Portland, San Francisco and etc. If that occurred, then Trump could declare martial law.

What happens if martial law is declared? The liberals or democrats would slowly be destroyed by Trump and his followers. The antichrist will “… think to change times and laws.” (Daniel 7:25) It’s very possible that blacks in this country will lose all rights. Women would lose all their rights as well. But white people will think nothing of it, which overtime will include white liberals. That’s when the Devil could possibly drop the vaccine into Trump’s hands. The overwhelming joy in the white community would cement their fate, which could include yourself if you get caught up in the laws to demolish the liberal rights like homosexual rights, abortion rights, transgender rights and etc.

Everything about the 1st half of the Tribulation makes sense with the outcome of Trump becoming a dictator. Think about it. Do you think in our current situation that anyone would endorse the annihilation over 4/5 of the Islamic nations in the Middle East? No. But if Trump takes over then no one will prevent Trump from dropping a nuclear type weapon on the Armies of the Islamic countries that attack Israel and the US. Most people in the US would support Trump because most of the liberals that were vehemently against Trump at the time of his takeover would have been gathered up and “disappeared.”

The democrats will try to stop and may even try to have the president arrested or do a coup, but the Devil will not let that happen. If you have or haven’t noticed, the democrats are ostracizing the police and now the military, which in the end will be their downfall. When they call on the police or military to arrest Trump, they will not answer their call but will support Trump instead. Many of the democrats in congress and the senate could be part of a plot to take out the president but it will backfire, which will cause Trump to arrest and “disappear them.”

Trump's New World for Americans

But after a year of being in a new Trump world, most people, whites mainly, will enjoy and love the new America. But for liberal women or blacks, it will be like as if the past 60 years never occurred. Black people won’t have to sit in the back of the bus, but affirmative action won’t exist either. Women will lose equal right with men in any traditional roles from the 50s like a firefighter, police officer, military service and etc. This new world has to be in place before the Tribulation occurs for the Gog/Magog war and in preparation for the Witnesses that will appear in the Tribulation.

So, I will stop here. But I will explain why this new world must be in place before the Witnesses appear. And then will we slowly step into the Tribulation – making our way to the 2nd half of the Tribulation, which will cause many people to melt with fear. It might be a couple of weeks before I get out the next blog because of my tooth situation. For those who responded to the forms, I will contact you shortly let you know what my plans are.

Anyway, God bless and take care,

Jack Shearer
Antipas Ministries

June 9, 2020

So again, I will push my talk on the Tribulation back a couple of weeks because what is occurring right now in America will lead up to the Tribulation. This will be short blog because I have been really exhausted lately from work and caring for my mother. Saturday night, I overslept and didn’t realize I was late for work until my sister woke me up. She lives about 10 miles from me, but she was awakened by my mother who couldn’t get hold of me by shouting and calling my phone. She rushed over to our house and was worry something bad happen to me. I was half asleep when she woke me. So, after she left and making sure I was alright, I had to rush to work barely getting something for my mother to eat. The other nurse waited for me to arrive but was more concerned that I was ok than my tardiness. So, I decided after this event I will put up the support page again if you want to help me out. I normally wouldn’t ask but I think I need to cut my days back to help at home more and keep working on my father’s stuff [I finished chapter 8 and 9 of the Antipas Papers this week].

I'm getting beat by exhaustion.

Sometimes I wonder why the Lord has chosen me to take this undertaking and just let me fall back into my old ways – games. Yep, I was into online games like World of Warcraft and similar games, but when my father passed away, I haven’t been able to play any games. I feel this urgency in my spirit to keep Antipas Ministries going and to keep the hope that the true Church will finally appear with my help and hopefully anyone who has the same calling. Yet I still feel I fall short of God every day, but I keep pressing on toward the goal to hear the Lord say to me one day, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant … enter the joy of the Lord.” Matthew 25:21

But getting back to the meat of this blog, I ask everyone that is black, white, Hispanic, Asian and etc. not to involve yourself in the protest “for it” or “against it.” Either way, you will be doing Satan’s bidding. If you are for the protest, you will be the bait, and if you are against it, you will fall into the trap. I have to stop watching the news sometimes because it’s incredible how far the left has gone with pushing to defunding the police or ending police altogether in a city. Can you imagine having no police in a city? Crime would skyrocket – there would be no one to protect people from home invasion. The rich could afford security but the average person would have to buy a gun to protect themselves, which would lead to high level of deaths.

But I don’t believe it will ever get that far because the outcry for a solution to the insane democrat’s plan to erase the police would be hard pressed against Trump. No, I think before that occurs Trump would declare he would send in the military [again but this time with determination to see it through]. But of course, we will hear Posse Comitatus from the democrats, which will cause Trump to declare Martial Law forcing the military to obey their commander-in-chief [but now, the military is becoming a target like the police so persuasion won't be a problem]. This would be the turning point in US history. America would no longer be a country run by elective officials but by a dictator – a king.

And this where I implore all Christians again especially black Christians not to involve yourself in the protest. You are not winning any battle for rights or for God. No, you are just a pawn in a greater scheme – a very evil scheme. Because when Trump announces martial law, it’s game over. He will send in the military, round up the protesters, and “disappear them.” If you know someone or have a love one in the protest, I tell you the truth that you will never see them again if you don't stop them from attending the protests. After the protesters disappear, he will round up Antifa, then he will go after his most ardent adversaries. Suddenly, there will be no one to counteract him – most people will fear him just like Hitler after he purge Germany of his adversaries.

I’m hoping to cut my days back so I can concentrate more on my mother’s care and finishing up my father’s articles and book. Right now, with regards to money, I am trapped in a bloated apartment rent because I live in California – cost of living is expensive here and everything else like rent, gas and utilities adds to the headache. It’s alright if you can’t help out, I hope to return the help to everyone that has contributed to the ministry either by your donations or prayers. My goal goes beyond mere blogs but to the building of the Church not just in one location but everywhere.

I will try to get a more detail blog out next week. What is happening now with regards to the protest is eventually leading up to dictatorship, which will lead to the start of the Tribulation. The Devil needs everything in place before the Tribulation can start. Why? I will discuss next week.

God bless you all and keep you safe,

Jack Shearer
Antipas Ministries

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June 1, 2020

I wanted to say something about the riots that have escalated over the past few days. Some people will say they have right to protest about what had occurred with regards to Floyd who was killed in the hands of the police. And some may say that we don’t know what transpired between the incident that led up to the death George Floyd’s death. Some people will say the protests have gone rogue and it needs to be squashed. But there is something bigger going on here than what we see with our eyes.

But I wanted people to know especially white Christians that regardless of what you think or feel with racism in this country, it exists on large scale with black Americans. My father, S.R. Shearer, once told me about being in combat, "You can watch all the films and read all the books on war, but unless you experience combat personally, you will never know what it's like to be in combat." I’m paraphrasing what he said. And just like being in combat, unless you are black, you will never know what it’s like to be black in America. Racism is very real to black Americans, and it’s true in the rest of the world too.

The Vietnam War

We are Christians and we must step away from what is happening. We must reflect Christ’s love to everyone. You can take a stand as a Christian but don’t force what you believe – we are all saved by grace. And that grace extends to everyone even to the most hateful person. We must let God be the judge of people’s hearts. What you are seeing now is part of the Devil’s trap and it’s not what you think. Remember that the antichrist is a champion of the false church – he’s not a liberal.

The trap is to push people, especially Christians, into a hatred of the left, liberalism, and those that support the left. If it escalates over the next few days to the point of more deaths of officers, Trump might intervene and declare martial law, which could put the power of this country into his hands. Eventually, it could lead to laws preventing people to gather in protest of the government. But it might not happen that way but could be the path where Trump eventually takes control over the US. As my father, S.R. Shearer wrote in his article, "CHRISTIANS: ONCE AGAIN ON THE WRONG SIDE OF HISTORY:"

Christians falling for Satan's Trap

"'And he [antichrist] shall ... think to change times and laws.' [Daniel 7:24]

"In other words, he (antichrist) will shred the constitution and set up a dictatorship."

Christians or those who profess to be Christians will take Trump’s side – having no knowledge what is occurring. And they will fall into Satan’s trap. And thinking they are doing God a service; they will involve themselves in a worst crime against God and humanity. Remember what the Bible says:

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." (Ephesians 6:12)


"...Yes, the time is coming when those who kill you will think they are offering service to God." (John 16:2 EXB)

Remember my fellow Christians do not involve yourself with what is occurring. But pray for the safety of anyone. We hope no one will die without the knowledge of Jesus Christ. He is the only one that can save us from this world. He is the only one who can wipe away the tears, lift the down-trodden and making everything equal of all those who love Him – blacks, whites, Hispanics, Asians and etc.

"And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away." (Revelation 21:4)

I have to stop here and work on my shift report for work. Although, I will try to stay on top of what is going on but going to let time pass to see what will occur with the riots and Trump. However, I want to continue writing on the Tribulation, which is very important to understand the need to bring believers together for the storm. I will go into detail about this later.

God bless you all,

Jack Shearer
Antipas Ministries

May 27th 2020

Separating the wheat from the chaff (or tares).

So, I was going to wait a few more days to write something but decided I wanted to do something different tonight; plus, I will be off for the next couple of days and usually too tired to do anything. For the past week, I have been working on my father’s book – adding or removing images and fixing the design. I’m hoping to finish the entire site or at least most of the articles and my father’s book within 6 months – making the site compatible for tablets and phones.

Ever since they started creating dynamic pages for all devices, I have been redoing much of the site to the new technology. I actually started about two years ago when I stumbled upon framework CSS, which they call responsive websites so that images and layouts are display visually appealing than the old way. I use Bootstrap 4 for those who know about responsive framework, but I don’t delve too much into the hardcore backend of the framework. I don’t think many people will understand what I am talking about so I’ll move onto what’s on my mind for this blog, which I think I need to talk about since it will open up to the whole picture of the Tribulation.

So, I wanted to talk little about the Winnowing tonight but not too much into detail because I’m at work and have to get up every 15 minutes to check on patients. So, what exactly is the winnowing and why should any true Christian be too concerned about it? Because, the process of the winnowing is what will separate the true Christians from the false ones. Let us go back in history at the start of the Church because it is here where we will understand what the winnowing is.

Andrew Miller

I started reading again one my father’s favorite author’s Andrew Miller. He wrote a book back in the 19th century on the history of the Church. So, his writing on the Church ended in the late 1800’s. But he was able to expound on most of the Church history and how God was able to keep for himself those dedicated to the true word of God. Up through the history of the Church, there has always been people who had not bow their knee to the false system and had kept to true sound doctrine.

Andrew Miller

As I said before, I am not going to go into great detail about facts, places or people but give you a sense of what and how bad the Tribulation will be because there are many Christians who think they will be able to weather the storm when it comes. And like my father would say many times in his writings, “Really, you really think you will make a stand when you are called to. If you don’t stand now, what makes you think you will stand then” – I’m paraphrasing. It’s true what he has said over and over again. If you don’t take an action now and come together with other believers, the storm will knock you over and you will be found to be naked and ashamed at the Lord’s return.

“Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame.” (Revelation 16:15)

So, let’s open the door on the winnowing and take a peek - what exactly is the winnowing and why should anyone be concerned especially Christians. In Miller’s book, Andrew explains that the seven Churches mentioned in the first part of Revelation represent seven ages in Church history and is the foundation of his book. Each Church or age describes the condition of the Church, those that are faithful or what the Christian needs to do to reconcile themselves back into God’s grace. Each of these ages may end on the next age or it extends to the very end, but each church age represents a significant turning point in the Church, which includes those dedicated to God and the false Church that has risen to twist the word of God by Satan. But I’m only concerned with one Church age in this blog – Smyrna. This age started at the second century and ended at Constantine. And what was striking about this age? It is what the winnowing is all about and what will occur again.

Nothing is more horrible and fearful than persecution. Most Christians today don’t even know what persecution is unless one is living in a very hostile country that has a law where Christianity is illegal. But for most Christians today like in the US, Canada, UK, most of Europe, New Zealand, Australia, and etc., none of them had to face persecution that so many Christians down through the history of the Church had to endure – the fear at any moment you could be whisked away to the gallows, burned at the stake, or endure the lions in the colosseum in Rome.

And it is here that the Lord revealed to me what the winnowing is but more precisely when I was reading about the emperors of Rome during Smyrna age. Andrew Miller explained that during this time the Christians would have to endure ten days as described in Revelation 2:10, “Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer: behold, the devil shall cast some of you into prison, that ye may be tried; and ye shall have tribulation ten days: be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.” Andrew Miller explains that the ten days are actually ten emperors that will persecute the Church during this time. Each emperor will have a degree on how bad the persecution will be against the Christians. But during this time as well, Christians would have period of rest from persecution so Christianity could flourish.

Diocletian - The last of the Roman
emperors to persecute Christians.

So, the winnowing process as the Lord describes is the separation of the false Christians from the true Christians. The separation is to take the tares out first and then the wheat would be gathered. Many Christian theologians and historians never could explain the details of the winnowing but pass it off that the Church would be gone first, but as my father, S.R. Shearer, explained in his book and of course many of his other articles, the separation occurs at the end or during the Tribulation, but it’s the tares that are taken out first and it reveals who the Tares are:

“Now it is important to note in this process [winnowing], that the wheat itself is not being tested at all. Wheat is wheat!! Tares are tares!! There is nothing in this process which is meant to test the quality of the wheat. Neither is there anything in this process that the wheat is supposed to do. The wheat is required to do nothing. Works are not involved!! The wheat needs to do only one thing - be what it is inherently - wheat. The process is a SEPARATING PROCESS. It is not a process of works. The purpose of the entire process is quite simple: to separate, and by separating to MANIFEST or DISCLOSE, or REVEAL (Romans 8:19) the wheat from the tares and the chaff.”

"And how will He accomplish this winnowing? By the Tribulation! The Tribulation is to be the great winnowing of God spoken of by John the Baptist! And what will this winnowing accomplish? A great separation between those who truly love Christ and those who merely claim to love Him, but whose hearts are far away."

And it is this process that the tares are revealed because up to this point, they had professed being Christians. They went to Church, they obey their own commandments, and were law-abiding citizens. So, they look like Christians and act like Christians, but they are not Christians. And it is in the Tribulation that will reveal true Christians from the false Christians. But where does this process takes place in the Tribulation – in the 1st half or the 2nd half? The 2nd half.

The 2nd half of the Tribulation marks the beginning of Satan’s reign and the end of the false Church. It is here that Satan turns on the false church and destroys it, but it also here where Satan attacks the true Church of God too. This whole process is the winnowing. It separates the tares from the wheat. [Please note: the tares are not people who don’t believe in God or is another religion like the Mormons. The tares are people who profess being Christians.]

And now back to Andrew Miller’s book, during the times of rest, the Church was able to grow and add believers to their numbers, but it would also add people professing to be Christians but were not. So, when a new person became an emperor hateful towards Christianity, he began to persecute them, which would cause a winnowing affect. Those who profess to be Christians but were not would recant and join the old ways of the Roman empire – sacrificing to the Roman gods. And the true Christians were fed to the lions in the colosseum or worse. And this is precisely what will happen again when Satan starts his campaign against the Wheat and Tares. The Tares during the 2nd half of the Tribulation will recant and follow Satan, and the Wheat will be persecuted.

Christians facing lions in a Roman colosseum.

And this is where I will have to stop. But I will go further into the horrors of the 2nd half of the Tribulation next time.

God bless you all.

Jack Shearer
Antipas Ministries

May 19, 2020

Well, I know it has been awhile since my last blog, but I have been really busy with work and taking care of my mother. I work at a detox facility on the graveyard shift or what we call in the medical field the NOC shift. My duties are to make sure the patients are being monitored every 30 or 15 minutes, which is determined by their background history (e.g., suicide attempts or thoughts). The facility only has 6 beds so only 6 people at a time, but I am the only nurse at night. It may sound easy, but I have to get up every 15 minutes and document the patient, so by the time I get back to my chair, I only have 5-8 minutes to rest before I have to get up again. I have other duties like medication pass, checking vitals, admitting new patients if they arrive late at night (and it has happened many times), discharges usually early in the morning and documenting. Then I go home to take care of my mother.

When my father had his heart attack just before the 2016 elections, my mother was able to walk and take care of herself, but after many strokes and cardiac events, she is now unable to care for herself and is pretty much bedbound. I have to clean her, feed her and take her to dialysis 3 times a week. And some of those days I have to work, so when I get home in the morning, I sleep for a few hours, take my mother to dialysis, come home and sleep a few more hours, go back and pick her up, sleep a couple more hours and head into work. It has literally left me exhausted to do anything but sleep even on my days off – I work 5 days a week. I’m not in my 20’s anymore – now approaching 52 in June – so I do not possess the energy like I used to.

So, I had to come up with another idea to stay on top of the blogs and keep people inform on my plans and the future of Antipas Ministries. Even though I only have about 5-8 minutes between each round, I figure I could still write and work on my father’s articles and books. But what device could I use to accomplish this. I have iPad mini but it’s very limited on what it can do with regards writing and html editing. Plus, it doesn’t have a very big screen. Then I looked around for other devices like a Windows tablet or Android tablet but none of them had the features I was looking for. But I could get a laptop, which has more computing power than a tablet has but which one – PC or Mac? I could get a PC laptop because they are cheaper, or I could get Mac but tend to be more expensive.

As you know or don’t know, I converted all of my father’s works to html, and I created and maintain the website throughout the history of Antipas. So, I am very tech savvy and have been the IT of Antipas Ministries. I have built my own computers – PC desktops – and fixed them as well including laptops. So, I know what to look for in buying new computers or parts. I thought hard about what system I should use but knew which one I probably should get – a Mac. Why? My father only liked Macs. He never liked using a PC, so his computer was always a Mac. Plus, back in 2007 when my father and I created the video, “Greed is Good,” it was done on a Mac and I still have all the files. So, I got Mac Laptop but not a new one, an eBay special. And right now, I am at work writing this blog on my Mac and still getting up to do my rounds.

So, what will I be blogging about in the coming weeks and months ahead? I know I said I would just blog about the 2nd part of the tribulation and I will, but I started thinking about the Church’s role in the Tribulation. My dad wrote extensively on the parts of the Tribulation and the need to get out of Babylon, but he delved also into the Church as being one of the Two Witnesses of the Last Days. If you go back to my father’s book and read through chapters 8 and Chapter 10, there’s a winnowing coming that will separate the true Church of God from the false church, which is persecution. This persecution will be so horrific that it will dwarf all other persecutions down through the history of the Church. And it is the reason why we need to flee Babylon at the time of Abomination of Desolation – when Satan enters the Antichrist declaring him to be like God.

So it is very important - no vital - for the Church during the 1st half of the Tribulation to be a witness against the false Church, Babylon and the Antichrist. So after talking about the 2nd half of the Tribulation, I will talk about the importance of the Church to come together as bodies of believers of the true Church because we can’t sit on the sidelines anymore, but we need to be doers of our faith in Christ Jesus and obedient servants to God.

Many will ask why I am going to talk about the 2nd half of the Tribulation first before the 1st half of the Tribulation because it is important for you to see how dangerous and horrifying the 2nd half of the Tribulation will be. It will help you put in perspective just how important it is for the Church to get off its rump and do something. And when I start talking about the Church, I will let you know what my plans are and the future of Antipas Ministries, which will hopefully include everyone who has the same mindset of this ministry because we need to have the same mind in truth.

As I said before with regards to support, I do not need any support since I am still working and have a good tent-making skill – a nurse. My father had always encouraged me to become a nurse. Back when I was in my 20’s and 30’s, I had no desire to become a nurse. But my dad never let up about me becoming a nurse and why it would help me in the future. And now I know. I pretty much can leave a job at any time I wish and head for another city or state and get employment as a nurse there. My field is a revolving door at most businesses and hospitals. Ask any nurse and they will confirm this as truth. My mother is a retired RN and I remember my mother could quit work at one job and get employment at another hospital or business within days or a week.

So why am I mentioning this again? Because I will discuss what the Lord has put on my heart to do with regards to the Church. But I don’t want to talk about it until I have talked about the Tribulation. So, I will stop here and say God bless, and I will try to get out another blog next week.

God Bless,

Jack Shearer
Antipas Ministries

April 24th, 2020

I know a lot of people are wondering what is going on with Coronavirus. Does it have anything to do with the end? Yes, it does, "and there will be great earthquakes, and in various places plagues [Coronavirus] and famines; and there will be terrors and great signs from heaven..." Luke 21:11.But I cannot delve into how without hard facts but only with speculation. But I will not use one prediction but two possible outcomes. So again, these are speculations since I do not have a direct line to God to confirm it.

As you may or may not know what we are seeing is the Devil's work to secure this nation for Trump. There are two plausible outcomes, although there are others but would not give Trump any power and may unseat him as president. But if we are to believe that we are living in the Last Days, then these two outcomes are the more likely scenarios to give Trump power over the US. However, one will be a brute force and the other popularity.

So, onto the first outcome. As we have watched on tv, people are getting restless and falling behind on payments, so they are protesting to have the mandatory stay-at-home law lifted. And some are even returning to work and socializing again. Yet, the Coronavirus does not stop spreading because people what to go back to normality. No. The Coronavirus does not understand that it needs to take the backseat and stop altogether. So, when people start socializing again and heading back to work, the death toll will spike again but with more significant death results. Only then will Trump understand that something more drastic needs to be done.

And if this is the outcome the Devil wants, Trump would suggest setting up zones that could contain the virus. A zone could be blocks of streets, communities, sections, the city, regions within the state, and then the state itself. Each zone would need to be closely monitored and control by the police, the National Guard, or later the military itself. Each zone would be routinely checked for people with the virus; plus cleaned with special chemicals to destroy the virus. For people wanting to travel, he or she would have to be vetted and approved to travel to other zones. In the near future, this could have high consequences on people trying to escape Babylon in the 2nd half of the Tribulation because it would be very hard to cross zones if the zone had some sort of barrier or wall around the zone.

What this also could do is push the election off, but of course, only the states have this power. However, if people are scared enough to head back into their homes, the state would have no choice but postponed the election until zones were created to allow people to vote. And yes, the states could use a mail in ballot or people could be sent out to gather ballots, but many people would cry voter fraud, which could be tied up in the courts for months giving Trump enough time to silence the opposition.

This is could be our near future but there is another extremely high possible outcome and one I am leaning toward. The Devil would hand the vaccine over to Trump. Can you imagine how people would react if Trump announced on TV that his team has the vaccine and would be dispensing it immediately? People would be exalting and praising Trump. This would push Trump's popularity from 50% to almost the entire nation. Trump would become the Fuhrer overnight.

But the establishment (Dems and GOPs), the left-wing media and celebrities would again start bashing Trump because they still want Trump removed as president. But the people who now are in love with Trump who used to hate him would turn their anger towards the establishment and anyone who is against Trump. Do you see now where this happened before? People would turn their anger against the business elites, Democratic and Republican establishment and the left-wing celebrities.

When Trump haters start coming out again like Antifa, the people would respond with vicious hatred to the point of murdering these people in the streets after they beat the crap out them. Where have we seen this again? Germany. But I believe the Devil is going to hand over the vaccine at the right precise time when people are extremely restless and angry with the stay-at-home law to make Trump the next Fuhrer and hateful towards anyone against Trump. This outcome is supported by this verse:

"But beware of men, for they will hand you over to the courts and scourge you in their synagogues [Churches]..." Matthew 10:17

Anyway, I could go into more details about the two outcomes, but that was my father’s field of expertise. I can only give you a short blog on what I think might occur. But it is enough for people to start to wonder if one of these events will indeed occur. Like I mentioned in the beginning of this blog, there are other possible outcomes for the Coronavirus, but I think it would turn against Trump instead of helping him. Right now, he looks like a buffoon on TV, so a vaccine would turn him into a super star.

Anyway, that is all I have to say on the subject. But I know a lot of people were wondering what I thought on the current situation. So now you know. But the Lord wants me to write on the events of the 2nd half of the Tribulation because it is vital that you understand just how serious it is to escape Babylon before it’s too late.

God Bless,

Jack Shearer
Antipas Ministries

April 21, 2020

The Late S.R. Shearer

This is the first blog that I am struggling to write, but one that needs to be said. I think people would agree with me that when my father, S.R. Shearer, passed away on November 1, 2019 the future seemed to become hazy without the aid of my father at the helm. I feel lost trying to get my bearings in a dark place. My father's hand is no longer there to lead me through crashing waves. He was there when fear overwhelmed me, and now there is only silence - no voice. And when I get excited or have a question today about something on the TV, the internet or the bible with regards to the current events, I can no longer run into the other room and talk with my father for there is only an empty bed and great sadness fills my heart.

The Late S.R. Shearer

I am not a writer like my father or educated in subjects I could never understand without studying them myself. But his education went beyond books and internet searches; he had experience many of the topics he wrote about for himself. Much of the military intelligence came not from another writer but his service as an intelligent officer - being involved with top secret programs like Phoenix. He fought in war that in the end took his life from the chemicals he had endured during his time in Vietnam. He also had experience running churches as a pastor for many years in the Jesus movement and in Denver. He understood the structure of the Church and the political sway of the church to move away from God to a worldview. I have none. But the one thing my father told me just before he died is to cling to the Word of God. It is all you need in the end because God will guide you and keep you safe if you are obedient to the Word.

And as I write this blog, I realize how true the faithfulness and obedience to God is. It is not to be taken lightly but it is to be taken with serious conviction to Him. As God told the Israelites on many occasions throughout their history that He will make them prosper if they keep his commandments and stay true to Him, but when one turns away from God and start seeing this world as their home or follow after gods, they fall from grace into destruction, shame and misery. Even the Church started falling away from God after John passed away. The enemy crept in seeking to twist the word of God to bring the Church under the enemies' control. And the clergy and the laity were no longer viewed as the same but that the laity needed the clergy as their mediators between God and themselves -setting aside Christ, which is very anti-Christian. And it is true with today’s church in America. The pastor with biblical education or ordained by so called prophets is the only one who can understand the word of God and interpret it for the laity, which again is very anti-Christian. But more about that later.

This blog is about an introduction to myself and what I plan to write here. I am the son of the late Stevan R. Shearer who wrote over 600 articles and a book, The Antipas Papers, on the Last Days who has gone to be with the Lord Jesus Christ our savior. But this same God, the only true God, who put His drive into my father has put in my heart to write these blogs for your edification and to prepare your hearts for the greatest and most horrific event  in the history of the world. No time in history before the flood, the age of Israel or the history of the Church will compare to the last act of the Tribulation.

God has put on my heart to sound the alarm and to get people to open their eyes before it's too late - to tell them to get out while you still can. God has pull back the curtain for me to take a glimpse to see what is coming and what destruction will occur for the Church or those who oppose the Devil in the end. The horror that is coming will make the strongest and bravest person melt with fear. And it's in these blogs that I hope to convince many of you to flee before it comes - to let you see behind the curtains of the opening of the 2nd act of the Tribulation. So stay tune, I will try to get as many of these blogs out as I possibly can [I am a full-time nurse working the graveyard shift, so I will try to get one out each week.].


15 When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:)

16 then let them which be in Judæa flee into the mountains:

17 let him which is on the housetop not come down to take any thing out of his house:

18 neither let him which is in the field return back to take his clothes.

19 And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days!

20 But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day:

21 for then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.

22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.

Matthew 24:15-22

My father explained these verses in his book, but I will break it down into few blogs so you can see the immediate urgency to obey these verses.

God bless you,
Jack Shearer
Antipas Ministries